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We are pleased to announce that NM SONIC is the exclusive distributor for Greece, of the High End audio companies:
• AUDIO NOTE www.audionote.co.uk
• CARDAS www.cardas.com
• GIP LABORATORY www.gip-laboratory.com
• WESTERN ELECTRIC www.westernelectric.com
• MASTERSOUND www.mastersoundsas.it

The above famous High End products are some of the best "state of the art" audio products in the world and can offer a new unique experience of "live" audio performance in your home environment.
Our knowledge, experience and passion for music and audio for more than 3 DECADES are promising the best customer support, system best tuning and as result, amazing sound "live" performance.

We are also pleased to offer you a wide selection of products that help shield your system against electromagnetic fields and EMI/RFI. NM Sonic products can provide the ultimate protection and help your audio system deliver the best possible sound !
You can order NM Sonic accessories online from our website nmsonic.com or through our international distributor network.
All NMSONIC products are patent protected

Our Products

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How it works

Our products are available in 4 versions
(Standard, Cable Standard, Reference, & Signature).

They purify the sound, extpand the capabilities of soundstageIt becomes more 3D holographic, while instruments and  human voice are produced in more realistic dimensions and tonality. The system becomes more silent, pleasant and coherent, more musical and emotional.
Music becomes more vivid, unstressed, uncompressed with improved bass control, dynamics, rhythm, tonal balance, presentation and accuracy.

There are lots of high quality audio equipment in the market, but there are also lots of not well tuned or mismatched systems consisting of high quality equipment.

We are at your service if you want to fine tune your audio system obtaining it's best performance!