Our philosophy

Nikos Mendrinos I have been in the High-End field for over 35 years now and I have tried not to become enthusiastic with my inventions / products and get carried away by the fever of creation, as it happens to most inventors.

After thousands of listening sessions of musical reproduction with friends, customers and exhibitors in the USA, Germany, Italy Greece etc, I realized that even though most of them make a considerable effort for the best natural result for their systems, there is always something that restrains them from attaining the maximum of their high quality potential.

And then I found out why. It was the electromagnetic fields which would not allow the systems to show their best. I had to figure out a way to solve this problem to show every system could become better as long as there were no other more essential, functional problems.

After many years of research I created a series of products which have been designed to absorb the electromagnetic fields and the electromagnetic radiation created by other devices that run with electricity. They start off the wall, the fridge, the TV, the computer, mobile phones, Wi Fi... and every electrical item in a home.

All electrical devices are electromagnetic devices which produce electromagnetic radiation and therefore no system is allowed to perform at its best without solving this "interference". Hi-Fi, home cinema and Ηigh Εnd are the devices most affected. We are used to it, but fridges do make noise and so does every computer, or stereo, no matter what cost it might have how audible this noise may be.. And this is all because of electromagnetic fields.

The electromagnetic field and its radiation starts at the source, your electrical system in your home and continues from there, involving everything from the grounding of your home, electrical sockets, to a CD player, a TT, the amplifier, the preamplifier, the wires etc. All the above, in reality are a type of electric pollution. This is where the body of my research was centered: Reducing as much as possible electric pollution-electrosmog.


After the discovery of electricity, the production of transformers, power supplies, amplifiers, transmitters and every type of electric device increased this radiation although the devices by themselves are NOT harmful for the humans. No one seems to care, and those that do, cannot prove that it causes problems of any sort. Well, at least until now.

Can you imagine what interrelated influences there are among the devices, what fields are created inside them, what fields are carried through the air? What about what is transmitted to and from all the cables and how much a system is differentiated acoustically by all these fields that pollute every device attached thus aggravating and minimizing their acoustic performance.

This is proved as well by the direct and significant acoustic performance differences of the systems directly after the installation of the NM SONIC PURIFIERS, which absorb effectively the electromagnetic fields from the devices and the cables of the system.

The electrical devices you use for your listening pleasure now can be ''protected'' from this electromagnetic pollution and operate with more linearity, according to their prearranged potentials. The musical signal that ''travels'' from stage to stage, from cable to cable and from device to device is much less influenced by the fields and the radiation.

The brain is the most precise and unmistakable measurement instrument when it comes to musical pleasure. We can prove beyond a doubt to anyone who hears the NM SONIC PURIFIERS that there is a significant difference - improvement. No more rain on a sunny day. No more snow when you are trying to see something clearly. You get what your device gives you. You get the musical pleasure, the enjoyment, the feelings of the musicians, the atmosphere, the rhythm all in a 3D holographic soundstage.

The sound, in every single system on which the NM SONIC PURIFIERS were tested, changed immediately, it acquires better "silence" and it becomes more relaxing.

Everyone that has tested this product and has lived with it for brief or longer time spans has agreed that the system acquires greater immediacy, it is more natural, much less compressed, much less stressed, with better homogeneity and consistency.

• SOUNDSTAGE acquires a larger density and the presence of instruments and artists become more realistic.
• The image becomes more holographic and the 3 dimensions become more explicit.
• The system acquires higher interest as you become more in tune with the instrument and voices heard.
• The low frequencies become more rhythmical, more solid and acquire better "body" and control.
• The mids acquire better acoustic purity; again sounds become more natural, relaxing and realistic than before.
• The highs regain 'extension' and better homogeneity. They become more relaxing and natural without losing precision and analysis. There are no more piercing or high pitched sounds in the living area.
• The finess and elegance of the notes make their presence more perceptible while the highs or lows are proper. The listener slips into the music without thinking, hypnotized by the musicians artistic work. A live performance.

In music reproduction our brain tends to "polish" up things which it finds undesirable and as the perfect instrument, the human brain perceives the production of the electromagnetic fields from system, the jitter, the grain, RFI, EMF and the electronic noise from the semi-conductors- even the outlets and observes whether they conduct electricity properly or not. This means, that you know something is wrong when you hear it, you just can't explain it sometimes.

NM SONIC allows you to fulfil a basic need: listen to the real LIVE stereo you have. You may listen to the music you have longed to hear, totally refreshed and more live.

What unites NM SONIC with you, is our common love for music and audio in general, and our common quest opens new paths and horizons for everyone to connect with worldwide.