Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does any NM SONIC product need maintenance or service?

A: No, they do not. They work for at least 50 years!

Q: Does it harm anything or change my music?

A: It does not do anything but reduce the magnetic fields, and radiation.

Q: Is it conductive or magnetic?

A: Neither

Q: Can we put the products in the actual amplifier,DAC etc.

A: Yes you can, the best place to put it is on the transformer.

Q: Is there a break in time or burn in time?

A: None whatsoever.

Q: How do I test if its working?

A: Listen to some natural musical instruments, and half way through the track, at the same volume listen to it again after you take your NM Purifiers away from the system. It's recommended to listen to classical instruments and vocals during the test.

Q: Where could we place the purifiers?

A: The "Reference" and the "Signature" models on the top of any preamplifier, power amplifier, DAC, integrated amplifier, power supply and external phono stage closest to the transformer. Also on the CD player or CD transport over the drive and laser mechanism.The "Standard" on the power distribution board closest it's 3 main fuses. The "Cable Standard" attached to the AC cables closest their IEC plug , and to analog and digital interconnect cables closest to the RCA or XLR of the signal input.

Q: How do they "protect" the equipment?

A: They act like EMF/RFI internal and external radiated fields absorbers and sonic interference effects from the radiated transformer fields purifiers.The internal EMF/RFI fields are produced from the circuit, power supply and transformer. The external EMF/RFI and microwaves are produced by transmitters , cellphones and cellphone towers,other communication appliances,halogen lights, wi fi,switching power supplies, computers, geopathic stress zones etc....The "electrosmog" of our modern world affects our body's fine electrical fields causing health problems and is also affecting the sound performance of any audio equipment and system.

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